Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions: The Company refers to The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd. The Client refers to a person, persons or company purchasing any goods or services from the Company.
  2. Unless agreed in writing by the Company, all goods and services supplied to a Client shall not vary to the terms and conditions set out in this document unless agreed by the Company in writing.
  3. Payment of the deposit indicates acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, the Confirmation of Order and agreement to the scope of works, goods and services to be supplied, and payment terms as outlined in the Confirmation of Order.
  4. Any variations requested by the Client to the Confirmation of Order or project design / requirements must be agreed by the Company in writing, and may incur additional charges. 
  5. The Company reserves the right to make changes in specifications of the goods or services (for example, size of gate posts) within the Confirmation of Order in order to provide the Client with a product that is safe, fit for purpose and technically viable. The Company will make reasonable efforts to inform the Client of its effects and agree these changes with the Client.
  6. It is the responsibility of the Client to secure and / or insure the goods from the time they are delivered to the Client premises, including during the time period the items are being installed.
  7. The Company is not responsible for any issues with the site which are revealed during installation. If Company has to carry out any work needed to fix such a problem if it is considered necessary for the satisfactory installation of the works, the Client will be responsible for additional costs.
  8. Legal ownership of the goods remains with the Company until such time full payment has been received. The Company reserves the right to enter the Client premises to recover any supplied goods in the event the Client fails to pay for the supplied goods and services.
  9. Once final payment has been received, the Client’s parts and labour warranty will be in effect. The warranty covers manufacturing faults. It does not cover accidental damage, storm damage or acts of nature, vandalism, or misuse of the product.
  10. The Company has no liability in respect of this guarantee if any sum owning by you has not been paid.
  11. The warranty does not cover damage to the installation through negligence on the part of the Client to notify our Company of any product faults which would be covered under the warranty.
  12. The Company will not be liable for any defects, injury, loss or damage resulting from your negligence or arising from lack of proper maintenance, improper use, accidents, unauthorised alteration, faulty workmanship or negligence on the part of others.
  13. Wood has certain natural characteristics such as colour variation, shrinkage, swelling, hairline cracks and minor movement due to changes in temperature and humidity. These may appear and disappear with the changing weather conditions. This will not affect the durability, serviceability or lifespan of your installation and normal movement within wood is normal. These are natural movements (not a structural defect) and your installation may require adjustment from time to time to take account of these movements, which the Company will undertake during the warranty period. If you have any concerns please contact us.