Electric Sliding Gates & Automatic Driveway Gates for Residential & Commercial Properties

At The UK Electric Gate Company, we understand that there are many options out there when it comes to choosing the perfect automatic sliding gate, but we also know how important quality is. Our company carries a wide range of electric entrance gates, from the traditional handmade swinging electric gate to elegant electric sliding gates – all thanks to our years of experience in this industry and commitment to providing nothing less than excellence for every single one of our customers!

Whether you need a solution to double electric gates, or looking for electric gates for small driveways, or even need something more durable such as a commercial-grade electric gate system, The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd has what you need!

Residential Electric Gate Installation

Stylish Residential Electric Gates For Driveways

Our family-owned business supplies bespoke handmade automatic gates UK wide. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our products, using traditional techniques to create a timeless product that will last for years while also incorporating modern ideas in order to keep up with customer needs. If you’re looking for an electric gate we’ll design one tailored specifically to your property’s specifications so it looks stylish and secure at all times! Electric gate automation options are either sliding or swinging style – whichever is better suited for your property’ s layout.

Why Electric Sliding Gates For Driveways?

If you are looking for the perfect driveway electric gate to spruce up your home, our custom electric gates service is what you need. With a range of wood and iron designs available or bespoke design possibilities, we can provide exactly what you’re searching for. We will work closely with architects to ensure that their desired style comes into fruition in our products as well! Contact us today if interested – there’s no better way than beautifying one’s house through modern day technology like an automated electric gate system.

Luxury Of Automatic Gates Safety & Security

With all orders for sliding automatic gates, we provide an on-site fitting and building service that includes design through to commissioning. We will also try wherever possible to match any existing fences or walls during working on your project so your new gate not only looks like it belongs but appears as if the original architecture was planned with these in mind!

Residential Electric Gates Maintenance Service

No matter what type of property you have, electric gates from The UK Electric Gate Company are built to your requirements and will deliver to your desire. We work with clients needing automated gates for all kinds of properties including homes, farms, factories or office buildings. You can be assured that our team is dedicated to designing functional yet beautiful electric sliding gates tailored specifically to your needs as well as those around it!

Automatic Electric Gates Driveway Gates

The UK Electric Gate Company is one of the leading suppliers of modern electric gates throughout the UK. Whether you need a gate for your house, farm, or any business building in between – we’ve got it all! With our endless list of features to choose from including electric sliding gates that have privacy designs with full height panels that are ideal if space on either side is limited plus high quality handcrafted steel fences design options such as ornamental scrollwork which can be applied to security fencing so it’s aesthetically pleasing yet tough enough against would-be intruders.

Bespoke Sliding Electric Gates

Swing Or Sliding Electric Driveway Gates

There are two options for gate automation when designing electric gates. Sliding gates can be a good option if you don’t have much room available to swing the door open and shut; they slide either left or right of the frame. A swing gate also requires more space as it swings wide like traditional style garden designs but is better suited for areas with lots of square footage because sliding doors take up less room than swinging ones do in tight spaces!

What Our Clients Say Regarding Our Sliding Gate Automation Services

The new bespoke sliding electric gate we purchased are of the highest quality and have been expertly installed (link to new installation page). They offer a seamless transition to our home, providing an elegance that is unrivaled by other options on the market!

Malcolm Drake

Why Choose Our Electric Security Gate Specialists?

Nationwide electric gate installation and maintenance services

We have over 65 years of combined experience

We install electric gates in both traditional and modern styles

Our specialty lies in swing and sliding gate automation for driveways

Our team installs automated gate systems ranging from residential homes to industrial factories, ensuring compliance with UK safety regulations at every step along the way with an extensive list of testimonials and case studies, you can trust our service

With an extensive list of testimonials and case studies, you can trust our service

Why Invest In Electric Driveway Gates?

Investing in electric driveway gates for your property is the perfect way to add security, style, and convenience. Our skilled team of electric driveway gate experts takes great pride in providing exemplary work as well as high-quality products for every type of property owner – from homeowners with a small driveway to larger commercial projects that require more durable gates.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or want something modern, we have it all!

We are open Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm. To enquire during out of office hours, please send us a message via our website, or leave a voice message and we will respond the next working day.

Electric Gate Installation FAQs

Are Electric Gates Expensive?

The cost of electric gates varies depending on many factors and for that reason it’s best to do your homework. In our experience, it is not nearly as pricey an option as many people think! The price depends largely on what size and style you’re interested in installing at your home or business premises so we would be happy to provide a detailed quote over the phone if that sounds like something you might want too.