When designing an electric gate for your home or business, how it would affect your property’s exterior appearance matters just as much as the security it would provide. The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd understands the power of first impressions, and the gate is among the things that are noticed first. With decades of experiences in electric gate design, we have accumulated a wealth of gate ideas that will help you create the right impression.

Edgmond Manor House
The Shrewsbury Pair (Sapele Hardwood)
The Berkshire Pair – Micklethwaite

The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd wooden gate has been preferred by several generations of homes and businesses for entrance sections. It’s especially popular among homeowners as a wooden gate blends seamlessly into the surroundings, perfect for stopping young children and pets from running out of the garden and into the road. If your property has a garden by the entrance, you may want a sliding archtop wooden gate, but adding an arch top to your driveway gate is entirely up to you. The timber we use for a wooden gate is taken from renewable sources and offered in different finishes. We also welcome clients who prefer not to have the wooden gate on their driveway treated so it could age and blend with the surroundings, especially with a garden.

The Kensington Pair
The Northampton
The Whitchurch

Like our wooden gate products, our metal gates are made using tried and tested traditional and modern methods to ensure they can protect your property longer. We’ve got wide and varied metal driveway gate styles that are ready for you to customise. We use steel, wrought iron and aluminium for our gates. Whether you want one of those arch top gates that look great with your garden, or a simpler yet modern design, our metal gates are made to a high standard of finish. Just like our wooden gates, the prices of our metal gates already include the cost of installation. We especially recommend our light yet strong aluminium driveway gates as they don’t require much maintenance and are guaranteed to last 10 years.

The Ayre
The Dumfries


Over the years, The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd has worked with different styles of driveway gates fit for a business or home, and we are confident in the quality of our products, which we’d love to share with you to serve as inspiration. For example, metal frame gates, such as one in aluminium, would be perfect for a modern or contemporary look. On the other hand, a traditional gate like an arch top wooden gate design can provide that timeless appeal. While walking you through the styles of gate we can do for a home or commercial property, we’ll also include all information on what your choices would require, from hinges to sections to frame. Get in touch with us now so we can start discussing the specifics that determine the quality of your driveway gate.


The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd is one of the trusted experts in wood and metal gates design in London and the entire UK, especially in terms of craftsmanship. We can provide you with a standard range for your driveway gate, but if you want one of those arch top entrance gates created with unique specifications, we’d be happy to comply. One of our unique products, The Hadnall Door, is an example of The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd stepping out of its usual standard entrance gates. Installing a quality electric driveway gate is just like adding features such as a garden to your business or home, it boosts your property’s value. Electric driveway or entrance gates are viewed as a luxury, making it easier to attract and impress buyers.


It’s natural for anyone to put up a fence around their prized possessions, especially when it comes to protecting not just your property but also the young children playing in your garden. The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd is here to make sure your driveway gate looks impressive and is serving its practical purpose. All our driveway gates are forged in the U.K., and we make sure to continue upholding the high standard we’ve set for the quality of our metal and wooden gate products since we started our gate installation business. Whether it be a wooden gate or a metal one, we can work with your material of choice. Check our metal and wooden gate portfolio to view examples of our driveway gates.


Entrance gates can be a way of providing an indication of what’s inside a property, even before the guest or client gets through the door. This makes it important that an entrance gate design matches not just the space available for it, but also the structure and style of your house or business. Our entrance gates are all bespoke to make sure we can meet each client’s unique needs. We guide you through several products of successful driveway gate ideas, sifting through materials like wood and aluminium as well as features such as an arch top, to help you make the best choices for your allotted space. At the same time, we ensure you’re able to incorporate your own style and that your requirements are met.

Electric Gate Installation FAQs

Metal and wood gate designs are created with the main purpose of protecting the property. Aside from tight security, entry control and privacy, the driveway gate should also give the property owner ease of access. A quality driveway gate is durable and matches the style of your property, especially one with a garden, enhancing the kerb appeal. For the best driveway gates in and outside London, check out The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd’s finished products of metal and wooden gates designs.

Whether you want your simple gate design wood or metal, there are at least two things that need to be measured for gates. First, determine the opening for your driveway gate – the distance of the latch post from the hinge post. Then you measure the finish or the entire gate width. Common widths for driveway gates include 10, 12, 14, and 16 feet. Sizes could vary for every driveway, so bespoke gates are recommended, instead of buying conventional ones on sale like those from a garden centre.

On average, driveway gate installations can cost £1,400, even for simple gate designs. The price depends on things like the location, styles, type of fittings, and whether it would be a modern wooden gate or a modern steel gate design. Deciding between an electric gate and a manually operated one also greatly affects the price. For manual gates, you could spend between £1,000 and £2,900. For electric, the supply and installation costs around £7000. The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd provides free quotes for gates.

To have the right metal or modern wood gate design for your property, there are lots of elements to decide on. Modern gates designs depend on what you’d like to enhance – your property’s outward appearance, security, privacy, or all of the above. For a driveway gate, consider the height, width, and features like an arch top, among others. Choose between metal and timber gates designs, and between a swing and a sliding gate, which is perfect for a front garden.