Welcome to our guide on the approximate cost of electric gates, where we provide insights on the cost of gate automation, be it electric swing gates or sliding electric gates. With that, we also answer the question, “how much do electric gates add to a property?” as this is an investment, not an expense. We strive to provide high-quality automatic gate systems and excellent customer service. Additional custom requests would be required to keep our electric gates prices super competitive and transparent. We have a team of highly skilled tradesmen that travel throughout the country, installing our high-quality and beautifully designed automatic gates nationwide.

Cost of Electric Gates

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The total electric gates cost depends on a variety of factors. Such as the size of your property, the materials used and any custom features you may request for either sliding or swing gates. We can do virtually anything with your set-up, from wireless intercom systems to handmade custom gate post designs. To get straight to the mission and receive your price for electric gates installation, get in touch for an accurate quotation using our latest electric sliding gates prices on Tel: 01743 455892.

How Much Do Electric Gates Cost? Things That Impact The Price Of Electric Gate Installation

The electric gates cost doesn’t have to be as high as you may think. Various items impact the overall electric driveway gates cost, aside from the automation of the open and close mechanism and the labour costs. For example, the price of automatic gates is affected by the material you choose to build with. As well as the customisations you may choose to include in the electric gate system to fit the driveway space available, the motor required for your sliding gates or swing gates, and the need (or not) for civil works and other construction preparations, especially when you’re opting for underground automation.

Underground automation is ideal for those who don’t want the arm motor, ram motor and even the linear screw motor to be visible. It’s aesthetically more pleasing and can offer more security than a ground swing gate automation, but hiding the gate motors requires a bit more work, which means the installation could cost more. With the multiple per day use of your chosen gate automation, it’s essential to ensure you call a reputable gate installer who can also offer per year maintenance service, making all the costs worth it.

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#1. Wooden Electric Gates Cost

Wood, which is the most affordable of the three options, but with per day use, tends to fade/go past by date faster (on average within 6-10 years).

Craftsmen make our Iroko (wooden) gates of the highest quality, and all the timber used in our driveway hardwood gates comes from sustainable forests, which helps to keep costs down and allow us to pass on savings on the cost of electric gates. Our electric gate prices for the supply and installation of one pair of bespoke Iroko gates, be it a sliding or swing gate, and automated above ground, to existing piers would start from £7000 +VAT.

If we were to provide and install one pair of Iroko gates, automated underground, to existing piers, our electric gate installation cost would start from £8000 +VAT. We can also supply and install a bespoke Iroko sliding gate which would begin at £7500 +VAT. The above prices indicate the costs involved for sliding or swing gates with underground gate automation. And the prices can change depending on the width and height of the gates, the gate motor required, the open and close mechanism, as well as any accessories you decide to add. To get a better idea of the costs for electric gates, contact us today, and we will be happy to supply you with a free, no-obligation quote.

#2 Metal Electric Gates Cost

Metal/Steel, which can produce long-lasting and heavy-duty set-ups, costs around 10% more on average than wood. However, when it comes to the cost of electric gate maintenance, driveway gates designed using steel tend to need more regular maintenance (but still last longer than wood overall).

To provide and fit one pair of bespoke metal gates, automated above ground, to existing piers would start from £7000 +VAT. Our sliding gates prices for the supply and fitting of one pair of metal gates, automated underground, to existing piers would start from £8000 +VAT. The electric gate cost for the supply and fitting of one bespoke metal sliding gate would start from £7500 +VAT.

All of our gates are made to a very high standard of finish, and you can see some examples of previous projects we have completed by clicking here. As with wooden gates, the price of the metal gates will also be affected by the height and width of the gates. To get a more accurate cost for installing automatic gates, you can call us on Tel: 01743 455892 and one of our advisors will be happy to arrange a quote for you. Feel free to ask us about your gate automation options.

Metal Automatic Gates Cost
Cost For Electric Gates Installation

#3 Aluminium Electric Gates Cost

As aluminium is the most expensive material of the 3, the aluminium sliding gate cost will vary depending on the space you have available. We offer a very high standard of quality on all our gates, and you can see some examples of previous projects we have completed by clicking here. To get a more accurate cost for installing aluminium gates and the gate automation options we have on offer for this type of gate, you can call us on Tel: 01743 455892 and one of our advisors will be happy to arrange a quote for you. As a rough guideline estimate, we would be looking at between £7,500 to £8500 +VAT.

What’s The Cost of Automated Gates Installation?

As to “how much do electric swing gates or sliding gates cost”, it is something that needs to be quoted on an individual basis, as the type of gate can differ for each property. Gate automation doesn’t stop with choosing between sliding and swing gates. Still, with the right electric gate installer, you will be guided on the mechanism, the post, above ground or underground gate automation, as well as electric gate arm, ram and linear screw motors, among others, before installation is made. If you already have your own gate and only require gate automation. In that case, we can update most gate systems to automate them so that they function smoothly, securing your property and preventing uninvited access to your home or business. If you would like to discuss the cost of electric gates, residential or commercial, contact us today, and we will be happy to talk you through the options you have available.

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Optional Extras That Add To The Cost Of Electric Gates

We have a wide selection of optional extras that can add to the cost of electric gates, and you are free to pick and choose these as you want. If you contact us for an idea on gate costs and include any of the optional extras below, you will be able to receive an accurate quote for your driveway bespoke automatic gates.

Handcrafted oak gate posts

  • Our team will handcraft the posts to ensure that they are of the highest quality and will last for many years to come.

Ornate metal gate posts

  • We will forge the perfect posts for your metal gate using high-quality alloy steel, ensuring that they are durable and robust.

Wireless intercom remote control keypad systems

  • We can install a wireless keypad system for your gate for those who want to remote control access to their property.

GSM Intercom keypad systems

  • Busy house? No problem! With a GSM Intercom keypad system included in your electric gate installation, you can have access to your property from anywhere in the world. Our team will come and assess your needs before coming up with a bespoke sliding or swing gate design.

Loop in-ground detectors for auto exit or auto entry

  • A loop in-ground sensor will allow you to open your gate and close it automatically. This means that you can have access to your property when you need it, all with fully automated gate motors for ultimate convenience.

Safety edges for the little ones

  • Although your end product would be safe and free of trouble areas for most, it may be best for small children at the age of exploration to have safety edges added on any points of potential impact. We will happily assist with any requests such as these for electric gate automation and add to our scope of work.

Vehicle registration detectors

  • Although this would not be a requirement for most of our customers, we can help add a vehicle registration detector to your project. This will allow you to determine who has been on your property.

Civil Works Required Also? We Can Add That to the Cost of Automatic Gates!

As well as creating and installing your automatic gate system, we can also undertake any civil works required. We can acquire planning permission, if necessary, for the building of brick piers in your space and fitting all the required cabling and power supply, among others. If you want to know how much electric gates are going to cost you for your home or business, contact us today and let us give you a quote that includes all the additional features you require for your property, from remote control access to custom electric gate motors and even motor repair services.

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If you would like to get an accurate quote for the sliding gate or swing gate system installation cost for your home or place of business, call us today on Tel: 01743 455892, and one of our experts will be happy to assist you with any concerns relating to gate automation, such as expected per day electricity consumption and questions on power supply, gate motors, underground automation for open and close control, and per year maintenance. You can use our online contact form to get in touch with us by clicking here, or you can email us directly at sales@theukelectricgatecompany.co.uk, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. You can keep up to date with all the latest goings-on at The UK Electric Gate Company by following us on Facebook or Instagram, as well as get detailed information about all our gate systems and latest projects. If you are looking for the best electric gates prices with excellent customer service and the highest quality electric gates, look no further than The UK Electric Gate Companies nationwide service.

Electric Gate Automation FAQs

How much do electric gates cost to run?

The cost of running electric gates is mainly dependent on the size of the property and the number of gates to be installed, and the gate motors required for your chosen gate automation. For the most part, the running costs and maintenance of electric gates are meagre due to the nature of ordinary homes not coming and going as often as a transport company with many drivers coming and going, which naturally meant higher electricity consumption. Don’t hesitate to call the electric gate installer and ask for an approximate cost of electric gates for driveways, whether sliding gates or swing gates.