Give your property the best looking exterior by investing in quality electric aluminium driveway gates that will give you value for money, security and (in most cases) an increase in the value of your property. Aluminium is a great choice for material because it is not only strong, it’s also one of the lightest and durable materials available. This allows it to be combined with various other materials into uniquely imaginative designs, giving you the new look you desire without breaking your budget. We offer either swing or sliding options when it comes to automation. Each offers its own benefits to you. The choice is yours to make. No matter what you are looking for, you can find something to suit your individual needs.

The Firth
The Stirling
The Highland


If you’re looking for something a little more unusual for a new gate, our automatic aluminium gates collection offers a modern classic. We’ve got a huge selection of customisation options, like different colours, to ensure our team delivers the perfect aluminium driveway gates tailored to your specific design and exactly what you’ve been hoping for. Our quality aluminium driveway gates come in different designs and styles and are packed with many benefits. Taking advantage of the amazing strength of aluminium, our collection of aluminium gates for sale are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

The Chester Gate
The Gobowen Gate
The Hadnall


If you make your choice from our collection of electric aluminium gates, you’ll be assured to get a quality product that can last for years. Albeit among the most lightweight gates, our aluminium driveway gates won’t twist or warp, and they are rust-resistant. This gate option will be a great investment in the long run. It requires less maintenance and will only need to be wiped down with water every now and then to maintain its beauty. Aluminium is an easy material to cut and form into a lightweight modern steel gate, and you could add a stunning wood effect if you like to.


We provide aluminium driveway gates that are beyond the standard or traditional and are every bit modern. You can check our aluminium gates online offered at the best prices or contact us for more options available. Whether you want aluminium pedestrian garden gates or those aluminium side gates UK properties use, we’ll work with you to come up with one of the top aluminium gate products that meet your needs. To keep prices low or within your budget, we encourage our clients to have a gate custom made. An aluminium gate would always be a top choice for its durability and for being lightweight, which is perfect for automation as it would require less force from motors to get the gate to open and close. Stronger and lighter than wood and steel, and requires less maintenance, what’s not to like about aluminium gates? Order your automated aluminium gate at The UK Electric Gate Co. Ltd. now!


If you want to double your property’s security in style, come to the top aluminium electric gates UK manufacturer for the best quality custom aluminium gates. We’ve got a lot of designs and colours for your new aluminium driveway gate(s). The choice is yours to make, including picking a boarded fencing, be it horizontal or vertical board fencing, which is perfect for showing off your garden while at the same time protecting it. You may also add some wood infill panels and types of posts, as you can find in a number of our finished products. The options available are endless, but rest assured we’ll provide you with all the information and help you need to make the best choice. For more information on our products, including product maintenance, and to get a free quote, call us through this number: 01743 455892.

When it comes to the automated aluminium driveway gates, a lot of it has to do with the number of sensors installed. Once they pick up a signal, these sensors command the open and close mechanism of aluminium driveway gates. Among the types of sensors used for aluminium gates include pressure sensors that detect pressure or weight, radar movement sensors that detect individuals in a specific area, passive infrared movement sensors that detect infrared image in a given range they’re set, active infrared sensors that catch infrared light emitted from the transmitter, and the most common option, optical sensors placed on the sides of the aluminium gate that detect motion. The sensors to install will depend on the specific design of the aluminium gate.
Automatic aluminium gates UK properties have aren’t just a status symbol. When you choose to install an automatic aluminium gate, it means you are making your property more secure. As you can choose to activate or control the entry through an intercom, a mobile app or keypad entry of a combination of number and letters as an access code, among other choices, intruders wouldn’t be able to push the aluminium gate open. There are lots of options when it comes to automation, and you have to consider the purpose, requirements as well as design of your gate. Call a professional automated aluminium gate manufacturer to help you with the design as well as the installation.
Aluminium sliding gates for driveways have wheels at the bottom that roll on a metal track on the ground and open and close sideways either to the left or right. When it comes to the automation of these types of aluminium driveway gates, you get to control it through remote control or a digital keypad where you have to input a pin number, an option preferred for aluminium pedestrian gates UK businesses use. For visitors you don’t know, you can install an intercom on the gate or have them call you on your mobile phone so you can open the gate remotely for them. To let themselves out, visitors can press a button alongside the aluminium gate, or you install a detector on the ground that would open the gate once a vehicle drives up to the gate inside the property, and after a certain time delay, the aluminium gate will close back.
Aluminium gate manufacturers charge depending on the size of the aluminium driveway gates as well as the materials used. The modern aluminium gates Yorkshire properties often have would start at a price of £7000 + VAT if they’re a pair of bespoke metal gates automated above ground. If it’s a sliding gate with one of our available designs automated underground, the price would be at least £8000 + VAT, and for a bespoke electric metal sliding gate, the price would start at £7500 + VAT. To get a rough price for the gate you want, call us today and request a free quote. While our automated aluminium gate prices are excluding VAT, they already include the cost of installation. We’d be happy to provide you with as much information as you want, including a range of available options you will like for your new gate. We aim to keep the price of our automated aluminium gate design and installation service competitive.