When it comes to choosing the front gating for your home, the wealth of options available is more than likely to contain just the solution you’re after. But if you’re still a little unsure of which way to go, can’t decide what will work best for you and are wondering how to work it all out, here at The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd, we’ve compiled our best tips on deciding which of our beautiful, practical, wooden automatic gates to choose!

Whilst the huge array of options can often seem truly astounding, if you’ve decided on a wooden, automatic solution then the good news is you’re half way there! There’re just a few details left to decide, all of which, we’ll explain right here.


Swing Or Sliding Gates?

Primarily, there are two different types of automatic gate available to you, and the necessity for each should depend on the space and layout of your driveway and your own personal preference.

Sliding Gates – Ideal for limited space situations, sliding gates tuck inside the rear wall, meaning no extra space is taken up, open or closed. They’re brilliant for sloping or uneven ground, and also come with an added sense of security. As the wooden gate slides into a steel channel which holds the gate into a secure position when shut, this provides the ultimate protection against attempted forced entry. This durability also means it will last many years.

An automatic wooden sliding gate also requires one motor, which saves time and money on installing and maintaining the gate in the future.

Swing Gates – Swing gates are a popular domestic application of the automated entry system, easily added to any type of gate including our entire range of beautiful looking wooden options. If you’ve got the space to allow gates to open across a flat surface, the swing alternative is cheaper and easier!

Above Or Below Ground System?

Choosing an operating system for your wooden gate is also something to take into consideration. There are two main types of automatic operating systems available – above ground or below ground. Both can be fitted to either type of automatic gate – sliding or swing.

An above ground is a simple system which is perfect if you have a limited budget. The operating system is mounted onto the gate and is fully visible.

A below ground system is a more expensive choice to consider, yet it is more aesthetically pleasing as it is totally hidden underground.

To be able to install this operating system, excavation work needs to be carried out. We ensure that all work is completed efficiently and is left how it was found.

Other Things To Consider:


Determine your budget – decide what price range you’d like to keep to first.


Outline the amount of space available – we can assist with these numbers, however having them to hand may make your choice much easier!

As the experts in all types of gating systems, there are, of course, more options available from us here at The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd, so give us a call today, use these handy tips and a free quote is waiting for you at 01743 455892!