Understandably, security is a major concern for both domestic and commercial premises, which is why many are seeking wrought iron gates as a simple yet effective means to enhance the current level of commercial and home security. The main benefit is that wrought iron gates provides lasting durable protection, especially as they are extremely difficult for vandals to break.

To find out more about the various forms of security associated with the installation of a gate, we at The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd have devised the following guide which outlines the numerous security benefits of wrought iron gates.

Park, Gardens and Playground Security

Wrought iron gates are visually impressive, and while they act as the entrance to a park, garden or playground, they also act as a barrier. This is very important for one of two reasons; the first is that it protects children, preventing them from running out in the middle of a busy road. Secondly, once locked, the gates deter unwanted visitors when they are closed, and averts vandalism, theft, and antisocial behaviour.

This is vital for public spaces which otherwise would become run down, as it protects the visual appearance of a property whilst maintaining high levels of security.

park gates

Commercial, Retail and Home Security

An automated wrought iron gate is an effective way of controlling who enters and exits any property, be it commercial, retail or domestic. Controlling access is vital for an enhanced level of  security. Firstly, access is only granted to authorised individuals, and secondly, these gates increases perimeter security which ultimately perturbs opportunist, would-be-criminals and unwanted visitors.

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For home security, in particular, families with children will benefit from having automated wrought iron gates installed at their homes. These gates provide a great deal of reassurance for parents to know that their children are safe whilst playing outdoors.

Other advantages of fitting a wrought iron gates are the visual improvements made to your entrance, and the enhanced level of security which it provides. Therefore if you require home security which is robust in its ability to tackle crime, then our wrought iron gates are the solution you are looking for.

Taking this into consideration all of these security benefits, you should seriously consider taking advantage of wrought iron gates. Our wrought iron gates are beautiful, and when you accompany them with fencing, your premises will be made considerably more secure. For more information visit our website or call us today on 01743 455892.