At The UK Electric Gate Company, we know your gates are an investment, and as such you want to look after them in whatever ways possible. Because our high-quality wood is sourced from our sister company Border Hardwood Limited, it is naturally highly durable and weather resistant. Metal gates from The UK Electric Gate Company are made by expert blacksmiths with years of experience in crafting gates designed to stand the test of time.

Despite these guarantees, every little helps when it comes to protecting your gates from harsh weather and other factors out of your control. Here are our tips on making the most out of your gates and how to look after them:


There are a range of treatments available at The UK Electric Gate Company which help to protect your gates. For wooden gates, you can choose to stain, paint or oil your gates, to protect the wood from cracks, splits and dryness, and to maintain their appearance over time. Our senior painter Alan treats almost every pair of wooden gates we make with the popular osmo oil. Osmo oil intensifies the colour of the wood and permeates it to ensure there’s no chance of it peeling or cracking, whilst ensuring water cannot be absorbed.

The Shrewsbury Pair (Sapele Hardwood)

For metal gates, you can choose to have the metal galvanised and/or powder coated. Galvanising is applying a protective layer of zinc to stop iron and steel from corrosion and rusting. This can also be done to the metal hinges and handles on wooden gates, to deter rusting. Both options are equally good permanent solutions that protect the surface of your metal gates, so it’s down to personal choice.

The Ascot

General Aftercare

It is also important to look after the mechanics of your gates, ensuring the ground around your system has sufficient drainage, and the path of the gate is kept clear of any obstructions that could hamper its mechanics. Additionally, you should try to ensure sensors are kept clear in order to keep them efficient and in good working order at all times.

Underground automation

During Bad Weather

Unfortunately, bad weather is inevitable in the UK. There are a few important things to remember during times of bad weather to protect your gates as much as possible.

  • During high winds, your gates may struggle to push against the wind to open or close if they’re solid wood rather than a slatted design. Avoid unnecessary use where possible.
  • Ensure your gates are locked, where possible, when not in use – high winds may force your gates open, damaging the mechanics and freeing them to swing open and hit anything in their path. Gates with anchors in the ground are the least under threat in bad weather.
  • Remove anything usually left around the gates – wheelie bins in particular are easily moved by strong winds, and could damage your gates if the wind takes them.


It is advisable that you have your electric gates serviced regularly, but particularly after bad weather. Safety advice makes it clear gates should stop when obstructed, so regular servicing to ensure this is the case is beneficial. All work carried out by The UK Electric Gate Company, including the installation of the gates’ mechanics, will be CE certified, so you can trust the highly skilled workmanship behind your beautiful electric gates.


For advice on treatment options or servicing, contact The UK Electric Gate Company by filling out our enquiry form or call 01743 455892.