We have been manufacturing metal electric gates throughout the UK for many years. Our gates can be made to your specifications, or alternatively you can choose from our extensive range of electric gates.

Manufactured in the UK from the highest quality materials, our metal gates are built to last, which means that you can feel confident that your new gates are durable enough to protect your property for many years to come. We can also create gates to match an existing fence to add the perfect finishing touch to your perimeter without compromising on the style of your property.

Choosing a material for your electric gate can the most difficult part of designing your gate. That’s why we’ve created the following guide to metal electric gates to make this decision a little easier.

Types of Metal Electric Gates

There are a variety of metal materials that we use to build our electric gates, these include:

Stainless steel Gates

Stainless steel is an ideal option for both commercial and private properties. It looks clean and professional and is extremely hard wearing, as well as safe. With different types of automation on offer, The UK Electric Gate Company can provide sliding or swing stainless steel gates, with keypad access and an intercom system among the range of accessories available.

Aluminium Gates

Aluminium is another great choice as a material for an electric gate. The clean and minimalistic look is perfect for new builds or modern looking houses. As the material is lightweight, the gates require less force to open and close and therefore are easier to automate. Depending on the design, aluminium gates can be less expensive to other metal options, so are a great cost effective alternative if you have a lower budget.

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are visually impressive and are perfect for historic properties and modern builds alike. With many standard designs, you can choose an existing style to suit your property, or create your very own bespoke design made exactly to your specification. As well as looking the part, the grand nature of wrought iron gates is known to deter people from accessing properties, and are sure to make your property look and feel more secure.

Benefits of Metal Electric Gates


There are various benefits of metal electric gates, some of which we have highlighted below.


Metal gates aren’t just beautiful, they are also extremely durable and are built to last. Iron is one of the most long lasting materials on the market today meaning your electric gates will last for many generations to come. Additionally, unlike wooden gates, metal gates do not absorb water which is a main cause of degradation in wood.


Understandably, security is a priority for any homeowner or business owner which is why metal gates are a great choice. As metal gates are a strong material, it makes it incredibly difficult for intruders to get in. You are also able to use the automated system to control who enters and leaves the premises.

Adds value to a property

In addition to offering peace of mind in terms of security, metal electric gates can also add value to a property. Read our article “How Can Electric Gates Add Value to My Property?” to find out how.


Although, the initial cost of metal gates can be expensive compared to other materials, the low maintenance costs makes this material a preferred choice for many. Metal gates require less maintenance than wooden gates as they can easily be cleaned with water or a lick of paint every so often, whereas wood has to be treated every six months to prevent any damage.

There are many options available to you when considering installing metal electric gates A residential or commercial premises, depending on your budget, space and requirements. If you would like more information or would like to install a metal electric gate, contact us on 01743 455892 or email sales@theukelectricgatecompany.co.uk