Why Choose Wooden Automatic Gates?

When it comes to your home, and the features that we have in them, you’ll undoubtedly want to ensure that it always exudes true style and sophistication. From picking the right wallpaper to ensuring that the furniture you choose suitably matches, you have a wealth of options available to make your home first class.

Whilst you may put all your focus and attention on perfecting the interior, take a moment to think about the outdoors, why not upgrade your exterior and think about the many benefits that you could reap by investing in wooden automatic gates. The benefits might not at first glance seem that apparent, but believe us there are plenty!

Firstly, think about the huge advantage of having an automatic gate. Are you an elderly person that struggles with mobility? Or maybe you have a young family and want to keep your children safe at all times An automatic gate is the ideal solution for high levels of convenience and security. Here at The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd, we have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes the function of automation, and are confident that no matter your individual requirements, you’ll find something to suit you and your home. Secondly, by choosing wood for your automatic gates, you’ll be making a sound investment in your property as your gate will be a long lasting durable product that will stay with you, your family and your home for many years to come!
Our automatic wooden gates are made from high quality sustainable timber and are manufactured combining both traditional and modern techniques. We can custom make an automated wooden gate designed to meet your specification, or alternatively, simply choose from our range of beautiful gates. Take a look at our recent installations here – Automatic Gate Design. There are two types of automation available for your wooden gate, depending on the size and space you have available. Sliding gates are a popular choice if you are limited of space and have uneven ground. This type of gate safe, reliable and extremely secure, making it a perfect option for a residential driveway or entrance. Swing gates on the other hand, are commonly used where space is not an issue. This type of gate necessitates large areas behind the gate to be able to open and close freely, making them an ideal solution for larger driveways, residential lane entrances and commercial properties.

After choosing which type of automated gate best suits your needs, it is important to decide which operating system to install. Here at The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd, we are happy to help select a system which works best for you and is suited to your budget.

There are two main types of automatic operating systems available – above ground or below ground. Above ground is a simple system which is perfect if you have a limited budget. The operating system is mounted onto the gate and is fully visible.

Below ground is a more expensive choice to consider, yet more aesthetically pleasing as it is totally hidden underground. To be able to install this operating system, excavation work needs to be carried out. We ensure that all work is completed efficiently and is left how it was found.

One of the reasons we believe our service sets up apart from the competition is that we provide a bespoke, dedicated service to each customer. We will work with you to ensure you get a solution that meets your needs perfectly and most importantly that your gate fits with your property seamlessly!

Make the right choice today and get in touch with us here at The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd to find out more about how we can transform your home with a wooden automatic gate.

For more information about our metal or wooden automatic gates and automated systems or to arrange a free, no obligation quotation please contact us on 01743 455892 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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