With such a broad range of architecture and heritage in the UK, when buying gates many homeowners decide to have them in keeping with period of their home. With a range of standard gates as well as bespoke gates on offer at The UK Electric Gate Company, we aim to cater to all needs and styles.

Three of the most popular eras in the architecture of homes in Britain are Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. These are classic periods with strong design themes, so it is easy to create gates in keeping with the typical styles of these periods.



During the Georgian era, architecture was focused on symmetry and proportion. This applies to both buildings and addition features such as gates, which primarily were made of metal and reserved for people with higher social standing who could afford such lavish things.


The Devon Pair

The Whitchurch

The Shropshire



The Victorian era saw both wood and cast iron gates, with wrought iron gates gaining popularity during the Arts and Crafts movement. During the Victorian era, metal gates became more ornate and decorative, with intricate designs being a sign of wealth and craftsmanship. The classic arrowhead design can be seen in a few of our UK Electric Gate Company designs.

The Oxford