At the UK Electric Gate Company, we understand the importance of keeping your commercial property safe and secure. Commercial electric gates are great for adding an extra layer of security and protection to your business or offices.

There are many different commercial gates to choose from including, swing, sliding and telescopic gates. These gates can be controlled using an intercom system which will allow you to control who enters and leaves the property, even outside of business hours. We can also automate your existing gates.

Types of Commercial Electric Gates

 Swing Gates

A swing gate is a cost-effective way to automate your commercial gates, however, they do require a large space to be able open and close efficiently. Therefore, these gates are suitable for larger premises such as industrial estates and distribution centres. Electric gates with a swing mechanism work best of flat ground and can be fitted with an above or below-ground operation system.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are perfect for premises with limited space or if the ground is uneven and are also more secure than swing gates. As a sliding gate normally slides sideways, it means a lot of space is left free behind for car parking.

Telescopic Gates

Telescopic gates are made from two or more sections which stack in front of each other when they open. These are ideal for properties with a small entrance space and can be customised to match your existing fence.


Benefits of Commercial Electric Gates


One of the most obvious benefits is the added security. Controlling who has access to your premises is vital for an enhanced level of security. Adding an intercom system will allow you to see who is trying to enter your business, meaning only authorised individuals can be granted access. You can also provide employees and guests with a code so they can enter the property without disturbing you.

Save money

If you already have a manual gate installed on your commercial property, you may have to employ security staff to monitor who is entering and leaving the premises. Having an electric gate that opens and closes automatically will help to save money on the extra labour.


As well as making your property more secure, electric gates will also enhance its appearance which will impress your customers. There are many design options to chose from, so you can get can the protection you need with the look you want. We will carry out a thorough site survey to ensure we manufacture a gate that fits in with the look and feel of the property, matching any existing stonework and fencing wherever possible.


Unlike manual gates, electric gates can be opened and closed remotely meaning you can secure your property at the press of a button. Gone are the days where you have to walk out to the gate every time you have a visitor. When you’re driving, you also will not have to get out of the car to open and close the gate, which is an added bonus when it’s dark or there is bad weather.

The UK Electric Gate Company are experts in installing electric gates for commercial properties. If you would like to install a commercial electric gate, contact us on 01743 455892 or email