Our great range of aluminium gates can give you the stunning natural look that a wooden gate gives you, but without the maintenance. Our aluminium gates have a tough coating that is guaranteed for ten years. They are light and strong and have a five-year structural guarantee.

These gates are fit for purpose in all locations as there are a variety of colours and textures available, including realistic wood styles.

Weather Resistant

Aluminium gates are weather resistant whereas wooden gates are not. Aluminium gates can be created in a variety of finishes and colours, including realistic wood effects.

Below you can see an image of our ‘The Inverness’ aluminium gate. Due to the finish and colour of this gate, it creates a great realistic wood effect, but with the durability and weather resistance of aluminium.


Aluminium can be installed easily in almost any environment where it is needed. Thanks to the low weight, they require less force to open and close and are therefore simpler to automate. This simple automation may not be sufficient for a similar wooden gate. The lighter the gate, the less energy is needed for the gate to move and stop and therefore the safer it will be. This also means that aluminium gates cause less wear and tear to the tracks, rollers or hinges of an automated system.

The image below shows our ‘The Highland’ aluminium gate design. Aluminium gates are more lightweight than other materials such as wood and steel, without having to compromise on the look and design.


Aluminium gates have the ability to be created in a variety of designs. This is thanks to their modular structure. Aluminium gates tend to have a sleek and manicured appearance which is a look which any many would choose when given the option. Our aluminium gates have a tough coating that is guaranteed for ten years. A damaged section of aluminium can easily be replaced due to the design and manufacturing of the gate. This means it is easy to unbolt components and replace panels.

Below shows ‘The Edinburgh’ by The UK Electric Gate Company, a modern design showing the versatility of aluminium.


Aluminium is a metal that is built to last. Its non-rusting properties help keep well-maintained gates standing for years. Aluminium also naturally forms a thin layer of oxidisation on its surface, and this effectively seals the material and protects the aluminium, therefore extending its lifespan.

Aluminium gates don’t absorb water – one of the main causes of degradation in wooden gates.

Below is an image of our ‘The Glasgow’ aluminium gate design.

Cost Effective

Aluminium Gates are now around the same price point as wooden gates, however, they are known to last longer, so it is more cost effective to use an aluminium design in the long run.

Easy Installation

The low weight design of aluminium gates means that they are easier to install than other gates.  Joints on wooden gates can be affected by rot over a period of time, whereas joints on aluminium gates are often strong and therefore more reliable.

At The UK Electric Gate Company, we have a variety of aluminium gates available in different colours and designs, which can be installed as a manual or automated gate, depending on your preference.

For more information, fill out our contact form and have a look at the Aluminium Gates that we have available at The UK Electric Gate Company. You can also contact us on 01743 455892.