The number of people having an automated gate installed at their home is on the rise.

If you are thinking about having an automated gate installed but you already have a gate that you love, one option is to automate the gate that you have already.

Automated gates are an investment as they are extremely cost-effective in the long run and they cause the value of your property to increase. We can advise whether your existing gate can be automated or not, as health and safety is at the top of our list and the existing gate needs to be of a specific standard before it can be automated.

If you’re going to have your existing gate automated, then you should definitely make sure that this work is carried out by a professional. It can sometimes be tempting to spend less to achieve the same results, however, it is more likely that something will go wrong quickly if you try and do it cheaply.

Automating A Swing Gate

A swing gate must be able to swing in both directions and be a considerable distance from the ground when it moves.

Our technicians will always check the foundations of your gate. The posts of the gate will need to already be strong and secured to the ground so that they can handle the automation. If your gate has hinges that are facing each other, it is a pretty straightforward job. If this isn’t the case, you can have additional accessories fitted in order to get the job done.

Automating A Sliding Gate

The same rules apply to a sliding gate as to a swing gate. It needs to be level and not touch the ground. It should run smoothly without getting stuck on the path. Dips and rises in the operation could cause a problem when trying to automate. A sliding gate should also have an extension before it can be automated.

We can advise the best way in which to automate your gate. Again, safety is a top priority and we can’t work on gates that do not conform to regulations. The choice of operating system will depend on the size and weight of your gate, and where you are based.

It is also an option to upgrade your current automation equipment. Of course, we want you to get the most out of your investment, but everything needs updating in the end. Let us know if this is the case and we will be able to advise accordingly.

If you are interested in getting your existing gate automated, call The UK Electric Gate Company on 01743 455892 or fill in our contact form.