Adding wooden gates, especially automatic gates, will not only add an extra aesthetic edge and a touch of class to your property, but will also bring with it many benefits that are predominately useful for families with young children that need to be kept safe at all times. Here at The UK Electric Gate Company Ltd, we are specialists in gate automation, and go to great lengths to ensure that you get the best out of them.

Having a wooden automated gate installed in your home is especially important if you live by a road as it is an easy way to allow your children to have the freedom to play outside, without having to worry about the danger of them running out into the road.


Our formidable automatic gate choices are developed to meet the highest security standards, which make them great at providing this high level of safety for everyone beyond the gates – whether they are wooden gates or wrought iron.

This intruder prevention is highly important to all properties; however it is the other benefits of gate automation that can really make life easier for young families. Firstly, manually operated gates can be opened by anyone and while some may argue that you can secure them with a padlock, there might come a time when you forget to do so – instantly presenting the worry that your child could open the gates manually and leave the safety of your premises.

Gate automation can be operated only by you, making it much easier to control entrance and exit from your property and allowing for worriless time spent together in the garden.

Electric gates can be operated in a variety of ways to suit your needs. We provide a range of automated control entry for your gate such as remote controlled access, key padded access and intercom control. Installing these gate openers is great for domestic properties as the homeowner has to grant access before a person enters the property, meaning there will be no unwanted visits or intruders.

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This ease of use continues on to how our automatic wooden gates will be able to enhance your day to day driving experience, because with the options available, such as remote controlled, keypad and intercom access, you will no longer have to leave the comfort of your car to reopen the gates – a important factor when your children are in the backseat or if the rain is hammering down.