Once you’ve decided to invest in an electric gate from The UK Electric Gate Company, it’s time to make some big choices: material, design, and automation.

We have tips for deciding the first two on our website, just visit ‘Guide To Buying a Gate’ and ‘What Material Should I Use For My Gate?’. Now it’s time to discuss automation – at The UK Electric Gate Company we offer automated and manual gates. When we talk about manual gates, we’re referring to completely unautomated gates, which you open and close by hand, and electric gates which do not open by themselves, such as those without sensors that require keypad access. We’ve picked out the key advantages for each type to help you decide:


There’s nothing as grand as being greeted by automatic electric gates, opening up to reveal your stunning property behind them. There’s a sense of impressiveness about big gates opening by themselves as your guests drive up to the sensors located out of sight underground. To really make an impact on your visitors, we think automated gates are the best choice.

Winner: Automatic



At The UK Electric Gate Company, we have a range of security options to get the most out of your gates – you don’t have to invest in automated electric gates to be able to benefit from these options.

With manual gates, you can limit who has access to your property, as someone without the access code could not open the gates without your input. All types of gates add a sense of security for home and business owners, but keypad access provides that extra level of reassurance.

Winner: Manual

Norton Grange


Whether you’re looking for electric gates for your home or business, ease is a key driver in decision making. It’s the little things in life that mean the most, and not having to leave your sleeping child alone whilst you get out of the car to open the gate does not go unappreciated. With underground sensors, you can drive into position and just wait for your gates to open up – simple.

Winner: Automatic

The Oswestry Gate


Future Changes

It is possible, and not particularly difficult, to make manual gates automatic, by adding above ground automation to your gates at a later stage. It’s not possible to install below ground automation further down the line, so if you’re looking for a seamless experience, it’s best to consider all your options before installation.

If you do choose to have electric gates, at least you’re at ease in the knowledge that should you change your mind, your gates can be automated at a later stage.

Winner: Manual

With these key advantages, it’s now time or you to decide whether to have automatic or manual gates. If you need any help or advice for your decision making, contact The UK Electric Gate Company on 01743 455892, or fill out on enquiry form online.