At The UK Electric Gate Company, we have two types of automated gates available – sliding gates and swing gates. We also provide two options for the automation system – either an above ground system or a below ground system.

We also have optional extras available for metal or wooden automatic gates. We have remote control access systems available, as well as key pad access and intercom control systems.

Here we explain more about our automated gates and the automation systems.

Sliding Gates

There are two types of automation available at The UK Electric Gate Company. The first option is sliding gates, these are the ideal solution to add metal or wooden gates to your property when limited space is available. They are also to be used if placed on uneven, sloping ground. Sliding gates also provide more resistance to forced entry.

Sliding gates are able to slide along a fence line and therefore take up very little room on a driveway. They are not affected by the impact of wind, whereas swing gates are. Sliding gates are also a great choice for wider driveways, where hinges would not support the extra weight of a swing gate. These gates are normally chosen for commercial purposes; however, they are also suitable for residential use.

Below is an image of our Bristol Telescopic Sliding Gates.



Swing Gates
A swing gate automated system can be added to any type of gate or to a new gate installed by us. Electric gates with a swing motion work best on flat ground due to the room that is needed for clearance of the gate. They are cheaper than sliding gates due to the simpler automation system and these gates don’t need any slide room. Concrete footing doesn’t need to be added, and you don’t have to dig up the driveway to fit them!Swing Gates

Swing gates are perhaps the simpler option of the two. Whether you want a single or double swinging gate would depend on the width of access to the property. They may be cheaper; however, they do offer less privacy and a higher risk of forced entry.

Below is an image of our Windsor Pair Swing Gates.



Below Ground Gate Automation System

The below ground system is the most popular automated gate system. The benefits of this kind of system include there being no sign of any mechanisms above ground, so it is more aesthetically pleasing and practical. An underground system can be installed to existing gates and to new gates being fitted. Underground operators are very reliable, and as they are fully sealed, can often operate, even if submerged by flash flooding.

Excavation work is required during the installation of a below ground system, this will make the project more expensive however, this option is again, more aesthetically pleasing, and totally concealed.

Above Ground Gate Automation System

The above ground system is ideal if you have a limited budget, because it is the cheaper option. This option also requires no excavation of the ground as it is mount posted and fully visible. It is however not an option for use on brick pillars. An above ground system will show to intruders that your gates are automated, and therefore show that you are security conscious and they may be less likely to attempt forced entry.

If you would like more information on our automated gates and automation systems, contact us on 01743 455892 or fill out our online contact form.